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Dyno Tuning

Lang Racing Development has the only AWD Mustang dyno in Irvine. Using the Mustang AWD-500-SE allows us to tune both AWD and 2WD vehicles.  Not all dynos are created equal and utilizing the latest technology in eddy current resistance our dyno allows us to tune to a more realistic real world application.


Mustang Dynamometers are unique.  All Mustang Dynamometers are loading dynamometers designed to duplicate real world operating conditions.  Their patented control system uses eddy current power absorbers to load a vehicle exactly the way it would be loaded on the street — including wind resistance, which is a significant factor in high-speed testing.  Mustang dynos also feature a load cell to measure the power being applied to the rolls.  Without going into a lot of theory, a Mustang dyno gives you a real world tune, every time.

A little about the dyno:

The MD-AWD-500-SE tests both axles of the test vehicle under the same imposed load; while at the same time providing for front-to-rear axle speed synchronization. Front-to-back roller speed synchronization protects AWD center differentials, provides for a means to safely test vehicles with traction control, and allows for testing to be performed under real-world load conditions. Without a transmission, an AWD dynamometer can only be used in steady state or ramp control mode – limiting its usefulness as a real-world testing tool.  With a maximum power measurement of 2,500 hp the MD-AWD-500-SE is designed to handle a broad range of performance race car testing to diagnostics and emissions repair on every day drivers.

The MD-AWD-500-SE accommodates wheelbases from 88 to 118 inches without moving parts. A breakable coupling allows for a means to disengage the system from AWD mode to two wheel drive mode.

We specialize in BMW and Porsche and can facilitate remote tuning for your stock ECU as well as diagnose and troubleshoot problems while on the dyno.

Rates and Services:

$150: Includes 3-4 basic pulls and AFR/Boost

Due to temporary noise restrictions the Dyno is currently available after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.