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Lang Racing on TV and Online

Lang Racing Development Featured on TV and Online

By Andrew Lang | Oct 2, 2019

2019 has been a busy year here at Lang Racing Development. It’s our first full year at the new shop. We’ve completely rebuild our technician team as previous members move up and on to new projects. As I type this, we’ve completed the following major projects; 6 E46 Rear Subframe Reinforcements8 E46 S54 Rod Bearing…

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Blown Engine on your BMW? We can help!

By Andrew Lang | Aug 23, 2019

Many of our first time customers first contact us after receiving a 5 figure repair bill from their local BMW specialist. They’ve had some kind of catastrophic engine failure that wasn’t expected and are now faced with a huge repair bill. Unfortunately your local mechanic may not be comfortable sourcing a motor, installing it, and…

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F80 M3 Bent Rods – Building the S55 Engine for Big Boost

By Andrew Lang | Aug 22, 2019

Ahmad’s F80 M3 came to us from another local shop, after hitting a wall diagnosing a reoccurring misfire. Initially they had suspected that the car had slipped timing. They removed the front crankshaft hub and re-timed the motor but there was no change. The car also suffered from excessive oil consumption so we suggested a…

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PDK Service on Porsche Macans

By Andrew Lang | Jun 12, 2019

The Porsche Macan has a required PDK Transmission service that requires an external filter change, transmission pan removal, and internal filter change. Prior to beginning work on this the transmission fluid is emptied and allowed to drain for some time. The pan can then be removed and drained. There is an internal filter that should…

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M3 and M4 Crank Hub Blog

S55 – N55 – N54 Crank Hub Fix for the M3 and M4

By Andrew Lang | Apr 24, 2019

Lang Racing now offers sale and installation of the recently released Maximum PSI Keyed Crank Hub Kit. This crank hub kit is specifically designed for BMW S55, N55, and N54 Engines. Maximum PSI states their “… keyed solution eliminates the friction washer design that BMW used to affix the crank hub, timing gear, and oil…

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ACL Rod Bearings

Which Rod Bearings to Use for the BMW S65 and S85: WPC, BE, or ACL?

By Andrew Lang | Dec 4, 2018

Over the years there has been a lot of discussion on what might be causing premature bearing failure on the S85 engine in the E60 M5 and the S65 engine in the E90/92 M3. Very early on people did some measuring on bearings and found that the rod bearing clearance on stock motors was a…

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996 997 Carrera Track Day Setup

By Andrew Lang | Jul 26, 2018

The stock 997 and 996 Carrera’s are great track cars straight out of the box. Unfortunately one of the first things someone will notice as they begin to take these to track days is some pretty heavy outside front tire wear. This happens due to a lack of negative camber in the front. The stock…

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Choosing a Shop Management System for Lang Racing Development

By Andrew Lang | Mar 14, 2018

Almost all our blog entries are technical articles. Articles specific to BMW and or Porsche repair, maintenance, or performance builds. It’s rare we talk about the business of running an independent shop. We wanted to shoot a quick update on our new Shop Management System – Many of our regular clients have noticed the…

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7 Series Parking Break Actuator Plastic and Metal Gear

How to fix E65 E66 BMW 7 Series Parking Brake Actuator Failure – Plastic Gears vs Metal Gears

By Andrew Lang | Sep 25, 2017

Upon inspection we discovered that the original gears in the actuator are plastic. Over time the plastic becomes brittle and cracks causing the unit to fail. As a result the actuator was unable to turn the gear and release the parking brake. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the modernization of systems that may…

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