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Project and Technical Write ups for BMW and Porsche.

E46 Race Car Aerodynamics Setup Now Available

By Andrew Lang | Oct 28, 2014

We’ve developed a complete aerodynamics package for the E46 which is finally perfected and available for sale. Our package can be tailored to include all of or just individual parts of the following complete carbon fiber parts: One Piece Flat Underbody and Diffuser Splitter Rear Wing Contact Us for Pricing, all parts are custom made…

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Lang Racing Development Is Now an AEM Infinity Certified Tuner and Distributor

By Andrew Lang | Jun 3, 2014

We’re proud to announce our certification in tuning the AEM Infinity ECU particularly on the BMW S54 engine. When we first found this standalone solution for our race car and got it up and going we knew it would be a very powerful ECU for all kinds of race cars running not only this BMW…

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S14 Electric Water Pump Plumbing Kit Now Available

By Andrew Lang | May 14, 2014

We have finally released our plumbing kit based around the Stewart Electric Water Pump. Not shown in the photos below is the modification to the large aluminum water pipe to weld off the tube that previously went to the thermostat. We also weld on a small AN fitting on the steel water pipe that bolts…

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S54 Rod Bearing and Bolt Replacement with ARP Fasteners

By Andrew Lang | Apr 11, 2014

While our S54 rod bearing widening solution is a great way to save engines that have already spun a bearing, we believe the S54 engine will run a long time on stock bearings if the proper maintenance is performed. Oil changes at low intervals along with replacing rod bearings pre-preemptively will lead to a long…

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E60 M5 and E90 E92 M3 Throttle Actuator Failure

By Andrew Lang | Feb 5, 2014

Recently we had a customer with an E60 M5 come to us with codes thrown for the electronic throttle on his car. Symptoms were the common car would start up from cold but once warm and shut off the car would not pass its own pre-start throttle check and go into limp mode. Rather than…

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E90 Electric Water Pump/Thermostat September Promo 900$

By Andrew Lang | Sep 14, 2013

In an effort to make sure our mechanics hands never stop bleeding we’ve decided to make the rest of September “E90 Water Pump/Thermostat Replacement Month”. We’re going to eat most of the cost on the water pump and do what is usually a 1200 dollar job for 900$. This includes parts, labor, and a 12…

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Addressing the S54 Rod Bearing Problem Lang Racing Development Crankshaft Modification Kit

By Andrew Lang | Sep 14, 2013

This article is a follow up on our previous article that went into detail explaining the possible causes of and solutions to the S54 rod bearing failure problem. If you read that article you’ll remember that we suggested a proper solution to the S54 rod bearing problem would be to modify the engine design entirely.…

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Finding a Real Solution to the BMW S54 Rod Bearing Failure

By Andrew Lang | Sep 10, 2013

When we first began looking at the S54 knowing its history of rod bearing failure we immediately noticed how small the rod bearings were compared to other engines we’d built. To be more specific, the width of them is relatively narrow compared to other engines that are designed to make that much power. When you…

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E46 325i Sedan Complete M3 Conversion S54 Swap

By Andrew Lang | Jul 28, 2013

We recently completed an S54 swap into an E46 325i sedan for a customer. The goal was to create a car that looked like a stock 3 series from the outside but had all the performance of an M3 and I believe we hit that goal. From what I’ve seen most of the swaps have…

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