S14 Electric Water Pump Plumbing Kit Now Available

We have finally released our plumbing kit based around the Stewart Electric Water Pump. Not shown in the photos below is the modification to the large aluminum water pipe to weld off the tube that previously went to the thermostat. We also weld on a small AN fitting on the steel water pipe that bolts to the aluminum pipe to run a line down to the inlet of the electric water pump. Our number 1 priority in routing the plumbing was to keep the water system self bleeding correctly. By having the resevoir inlet close to the pump suction the pump will create a vacuum in the resevoir rather than pressurize it. This keeps the system self bleeding and ensures you don’t have air going through the water system. The bracket we came up with is powedercoated steel using M5 hardware. It will require you drilling 5 holes in the car.

The kit will come with the AN fittings, hose clamps, silicone hoses, pre-assembled AN line for the reservoir, the two modified water pipes. What we’ll need to get in return is a core set of water pipes to modify for the next kit. The modified steel water pumps are clear zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

We also will have the option of a custom fabricated coolant resevoir tank for people like myself that have eliminated the stock resevoir because they have tubes running to the strut towers.

This kit removes the thermostat so its intended to be used on a track/race car. We recommend purchasing an AKG rear cylinder head plug if you use this kit and haven’t already deleted the heater plumbing.

Wiring/pump control isn’t included in the kit itself, it is possible to run my pump always on (we do). Others have used pump controllers or standalone EMS systems to control their pumps.

Click here to visit the product page and get pricing information.

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