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Radium Fuel Kit Unboxing for the S65

With our ESS VT3 supercharger installs we have been needing to add additional fueling capacity to the E92/E90 M3 to cope with the fuel demands. The Radium Engineering fueling kit helped us make that happen. This system is as close to plug and play as you can get for this application. The system was easy…

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S55 Stage 3 Cylinder Head - Blog Cover

S55 Stage 3 Cylinder Head

It’s pretty rare that we find an area on a BMW Motorsport engine that we can really improve on, so when we find something that can really benefit from modification we get pretty excited! Our Stage 3 S55 cylinder head is one of those areas. BMW does a great job on its naturally aspirated cylinder…

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Blown Engine on your BMW? We can help!

Many of our first time customers first contact us after receiving a 5 figure repair bill from their local BMW specialist. They’ve had some kind of catastrophic engine failure that wasn’t expected and are now faced with a huge repair bill. Unfortunately your local mechanic may not be comfortable sourcing a motor, installing it, and…

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F80 M3 Bent Rods – Building the S55 Engine for Big Boost

Ahmad’s F80 M3 came to us from another local shop, after hitting a wall diagnosing a reoccurring misfire. Initially they had suspected that the car had slipped timing. They removed the front crankshaft hub and re-timed the motor but there was no change. The car also suffered from excessive oil consumption so we suggested a…

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PDK Service on Porsche Macans

The Porsche Macan has a required PDK Transmission service that requires an external filter change, transmission pan removal, and internal filter change. Prior to beginning work on this the transmission fluid is emptied and allowed to drain for some time. The pan can then be removed and drained. There is an internal filter that should…

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