E46 Race Car Aerodynamics Setup Now Available

We’ve developed a complete aerodynamics package for the E46 which is finally perfected and available for sale.

Our package can be tailored to include all of or just individual parts of the following complete carbon fiber parts:

  • One Piece Flat Underbody and Diffuser
  • Splitter
  • Rear Wing

Contact Us for Pricing, all parts are custom made in house in Irvine California using only the highest quality carbon fiber and divinycell. All parts are either vacuum infused with epoxy or vacuum bagged. Strength to weight ratio cannot be beaten and we can provide mounting solutions and in house installation. Our designs are uncompromising and have been track tested. There is nothing else on the market with better build quality or design.

E46 One Piece Flat Underbody and Diffuser

E46 One Piece Flat Underbody and Diffuser

E46 One Piece Flat Underbody and Diffuser

E46 Splitter

E46 Rear Wing


  1. Mark on October 29, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    Hello, great info here, we race an FD3S RX7 here in New Zealand.

    We are looking to impliment something similar to our car, based on your info.

    Could you advise as to how the Gearbox & diff are cooled to prevent overheating, our car races in 8-10 lap sprint raced, produces 550 RW/HP on Hankook 280/680×18 Slicks

    • Big Jon on November 16, 2018 at 10:53 am

      With the underbody there is very little airflow to the differential so we added an electric pump and setrab oil cooler and put the cooler in the airflow. On the transmission we also should have added an oil cooler similarly but we did not. We didn’t monitor our transmission temperatures but we felt a decent amount of airflow was still getting to our transmission despite the underbody covering it.

      If you are doing short sprint races perhaps the first step is just to install temperature sensors in both the differential and transmission and monitor the temperatures. It would be unfortunate to add weight to a race car for short races when you don’t need to. Our car was for endurance so we felt it was really necessary to have at least the differential cooler.

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