E90 Electric Water Pump/Thermostat September Promo 900$

In an effort to make sure our mechanics hands never stop bleeding we’ve decided to make the rest of September “E90 Water Pump/Thermostat Replacement Month”. We’re going to eat most of the cost on the water pump and do what is usually a 1200 dollar job for 900$. This includes parts, labor, and a 12 month warranty.

If you’re approaching 70k miles on your electric water pump E90 and haven’t had the pump go out yet you might consider this a good time to get some preventative maintenance done for an affordable price. These water pumps are a time bomb.

We only use OEM (Continental VDO), not any cheaper aftermarket stuff so even though the price is good you’ll still be getting good pumps and thermostats in your cars.

Feel free to book your appointment anytime by using our online appointment request form or just give us a call at (949) 667-4397.