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Lang Racing as seen on Wheeler Dealers

2019 has been a busy year here at Lang Racing Development. It’s our first full year at the new shop. We’ve completely rebuild our technician team as previous members move up and on to new projects. As I type this, we’ve completed the following major projects;

  • 6 E46 Rear Subframe Reinforcements
  • 8 E46 S54 Rod Bearing Replacements (not including during full rebuilds/replacements)
  • 4 E60 M5 or M6 S85 Rod Bearing Replacements (with and without the VANOS High Pressure Line)
  • 2 S85 Engine Replacements
  • 6 S54 VANOS Rebuilds
  • 10 E46 M3 SMG to Manual Conversions
  • 28 Bellhousings prepped for other teams conversions
Lang Racing on Grassroots Motorsports

Grassroots Motorsports and Wheeler Dealers

We’ve also had the good fortune to be featured by some awesome folks. It’s been hard keeping it a secret, but earlier this year we had a great time working with the team from Wheeler Dealers. We helped them complete an E46 M3 SMG to Manual Conversion. We shut down the shop for 2 days and had a blast filming. You can see that episode on MOTOR TREND on Demand here (Note that you’ll need an account to watch the episode). We also had a great time putting an article together for Grassroots Motorsports. Check that out here.

A hearty thank you from myself and the rest of the team at Lang Racing Development. I’d like to thank all our clients and partners for making 2019 amazing (even with a few months left to go)!

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