We knew we had stumbled upon a great way to bring cost effective LED lighting to our fellow racers when we started experimenting with our own line of LED Lighting solutions in early 2012. There was some trial and error and debugging trying to get some previously untested lights to work in the incredibly demanding field of endurance motorsport racing. By the end of the year we knew we had good products whose quality was equivalent to that of our competitors charging 3-4x the price. We also knew that with our racing background and our engineering resources we’d be able to provide the support and custom fabrication help that smaller, low budget, racing teams would need to implement our lights into a custom solution.

We were excited when our friends at 949 Racing decided to give us the opportunity to help them with their lighting setup for the most important race of the year, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. We were also excited about Emilio Cervantes and John Wings’ unique idea to illuminate the apex’s of corners that are normally left in the dark by conventional lights. The fan array developed by 949 Racing combines several of our 10W Scalable LED Mono-Pods into a custom system that effectively lights the tight turns and elevation changes of a road course. Not only does better circuit lighting make the team safer, but also provides them with the confidence to turn quicker and more consistent lap times than their competition. We were happy to hear the report that Lang Racing LED Lights were able to not only survive the 25 but also help light the way to a victory in E1 for Crusher.

Below: Emilio Cervantes of 949 Racing giving a brief review of Lang Racing Developments LED Lighting

Not only do our lights hold up to the most rigorous real world tests imaginable but we ask you to compare our 10W Motorsport LED Evolution Light bars to the competition VisionX Evo Prime LED light bars. We’re confident that our demonstration of quality, ability to tailor a setup to your needs, and price that’s, on average, 1/3 of our competition will make your next competition lighting choice a no-brainer.

949 Racing’s LED Light setup as well as some great shots of their cars at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.
Here’s a nice video of what proper race designed LED Lighting can help you achieve. Watch 949 Racing’s Miata fly through the field as the lights go out.