Lang Racing Takes 3rd at WERC Round 4 at Buttonwillow

With our best finish this year we were happy to take third place at the night Enduro at Buttonwillow this June. Although we were a bit slower lap per lap than the top two finishers we still managed to beat a majority of our class and finish 3rd in the very competitive E0 class and take 6th overall. This was due largely in part to consistent driving throughout the 3 hour race as well as a perfect very fast refueling pit stock and a completely penalty free race. Lang Racing has been focusing extensively to perfect the teams pit stop in both a safe spill free and very fast manner. We calculated that the speed of our pit stock was so much faster than the average pit stop that it gained us approximately a second per lap for the duration of the 3 hour race. Also, thanks to the fuel economy of our engine we were able to finish the race on a surprisingly small amount of fuel (although we were very close to running out on the last lap).

With the lessons learned at this event we plan to finish the year strong with a couple more significant improvements to the car that we will display at Infineon in September.