PDK Service on Porsche Macans

The Porsche Macan has a required PDK Transmission service that requires an external filter change, transmission pan removal, and internal filter change. Prior to beginning work on this the transmission fluid is emptied and allowed to drain for some time. The pan can then be removed and drained. There is an internal filter that should also be changed during this service. The automatic transmission pan gasket is then replaced and everything is reassembled.

The transmission fluid is added and the car is cycled through it’s gears. The final top off has a narrow range of transmission temperature that it must be performed at, only 10 degrees C. If the transmission is too hot or too cool the fluid level will be incorrect.

Many repair shops will simply quote a transmission fluid drain and refill and only address the external filter, it’s important that the internal filter is changed as well during this service. Contact us for a quotation on your Porsche Macan PDK Service.

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