Race Car Rental Program Changes for 2022

2021 was a great year for Lang Racing Development and our customers at the track. Team Jirafa Racing placed 1st in E1 in the Western Endurance Racing Series and our flagship Norma took 2nd in ESR. As our track presence has grown we’ve also received increased interest in our track support and race car rental program. To satisfy our customers increased demand we’ve added two new cars to our fleet and added some additional track modifications to our existing cars as well.

Our F80 M3 went under the knife this winter for some big suspension upgrades. We added Ohlins Road and Track Suspension as well as some control arms and toe arms from SPL Parts to get the increased camber we wanted for ideal tire wear. We added camber plates from Vorshlag and increased total tire significantly. Apex race wheels helped us select the perfect wheel so we could fit 18″ wheels on the car and still clear our brakes. We also added a Bootmod3 tune from ProTuningFreaks to increase power slightly. We have a full engine build in the works with larger turbochargers scheduled for Q2 of 2022 for this car as well. Once the bottom end of the engine is ready we will increase the power on this car and explore the limits of the S55 engine. This car remains street legal and can be driven to the race track if needed.

We have two new cars added to our 2022 line up. The first car is a great entry level learner car, an E36 328i. This car was built to be a safe and easy car to start driving with. It’s equipped with Bilstein PSS9 suspension and a Hotchkis sway bar kit and handles very well. It’s also been to Pavlov Racing and had a complete rear cage welded in for safety. While it’s not a complete 6 point cage, it’s excellent for track day use and can be driven in time trial events as well. The car has Sabelt race seats and 6 point harnesses installed for safety. This is our lowest cost rental car and can be driven to the track as it is still street legal.

Keep an eye on our race car rental page, we’ll be updating it with new pricing and information in the near future. Track support and transport to the track is usually available at a discount for all SoCal NASA Events.

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