Composite Fabrication | Aerodynamics

Our in house composite fabrication area has the capability to design and build carbon fiber and kevlar parts from beginning to end. We can take your idea, create a plug, mold, and part in both small and large quantities. We work specifically with you to meet the requirements you have for strength, weight and cost. We also have a nice selection of universal molds that we’ve designed to make some fairly commonly needed aerodynamic parts for production sedan race cars as well as prototypes.

This includes:

  • Splitters
  • Diffusers
  • Wings
  • Dive planes
  • Ducts
  • Scoops

All our parts are manufactured in house using either carbon or carbon kevlar epoxy composite. Depending on your part we use either vacuum bagging or resin infusion to maximize strength and weight. We specialize in using the advanced resin infusion process to give our parts at a consistent level of compaction. Our years of experience are what allow us to design a process with ideal compaction of the dry layup. This allows us to make parts with a consistent strength to weight ratio and produce parts that are equivalent and sometimes even superior in weight and strength to more expensive pre-preg/autoclaved parts without the high cost.

Let us know what your requirements are and we will work with you to create a composite part that meets your demands.