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Engine Management System Installation

Competition is a breeding ground for innovation. Our competition is constantly challenging us to get the most out of the motors we build. That lead us to work closely with Redline Engine Management systems to develop custom wiring harness and ECU solutions for most BMW engines. We are also a factory trained AEM Infinity dealer and are experienced in tuning this plug and play system for the S54 on both stock engines and highly modified racing engines. While we have done a number of S14 and S54 standalone engine management systems, our ability to customize our engine management systems allows us to offer remarkably affordable solutions for engines of any kind. We build our custom wiring harnesses to order and they are always included as part of the package when we build. To deal with the diversity in our customers requirements and desires we’ve come up with a variety of ways with dealing with the different challenges in managing our engines with performance and reliability in mind.

For the racer, an S54 engine swap with a standalone EMS is a good solution because it allows the owner to take control of the engine tuning themselves. This means that whenever an engine is modified or a new part is added the engine management can be quickly re-tuned to deal with the mechanical change in the engine and get the most out of it. Our standalone system also give the most flexibility as to what can be modified and gives the user the most control over the engine. For racing this is great because tuning maps can quickly be changed to suit different race classes or requirements. Different maps can be made for endurance racing/fuel economy and the engine can be de-tuned to meet horsepower and power limitations.

Whatever your requirements are we have shown time and time again that we are able to provide the support to make your dream S54 swap a reality by providing the most cost effective and cutting edge solutions on the market today.