Race Car Rental – Transport – Track Support – Storage

Want to rent a track car, need help with your own car or want to improve your car set up?
We’ve got a car and crew waiting for you.

Lang Racing Development is proud to offer race car rentals and track support to fit your needs and objectives.   From simple transport, to a full day of arrive-and-drive rental offerings.   There is a tailored track experience waiting for you.

Our cars are professionally maintained, both mechanically and cosmetically.

Our cars are reliable. That’s why we campaign our cars in the NASA Western Endurance Championship, SpeedVentures BimmerChallenge, NASA Super Touring and many HPDE events.  We build reliability into our cars so we can finish these intense races…. you can be rest assured that you’ll have a trouble free day.

Whether you need simple track side support for the day or if you need comprehensive car analysis and driver coaching… we can provide tailored, one-on-one instruction and feedback.

We can provide in-car video footage of your driving, which can be used for tracking your improvement during the event and afterwards for overall driver development.  Some cars also include complete in-car datalogging to give a concrete way to analyze your sessions and use the data to make improvements.

The Stable of Cars available for immediate rental

  • BMW E46 M3  Track/Race Super Touring trim (starting @ 3000/day)
  • Norma Track/Race (starting @ $4500/day)

Price assumes typical one day non competition track event at local So Cal Road Race Courses (Buttonwillow, Willow Springs and AutoClub Speedway)  One day =  4 to 5 sessions @ 20-30 mins each.  Extended session or semi-private track days will be more.  The renter is responsible for the full rental amount for cancellations 7 days prior to the event
Included in rental:  Fresh fluids, Brakes, Alignment, Good Used Tires 200 Treadwear or softer.  (Full Weekend Rentals and Enduro’s require tire purchase).  Driver is responsible for track entry fees, parking, event registration, fuel and track insurance (if desired)

Track Support Options:  If you are an experienced racer looking for support or first time renter wanting to be guided through the process.  We have a service for you.


Assigned Crew Member for Race Cars ($650/day)
– Preparation prior to all sessions – Includes comprehensive checklist
– Hot Pit and Grid Support
– Minor repairs – up to 1 hour (parts additional)
– All fluids (except fuel)

Assigned Engineer (Car and Driver Analysis) ($1000/day):
– Data analysis at the track with download sessions and driver feedback at the track
– In between sessions recommendations for both car and driver
-Video and data analyzed and driver improvement report


Assigned Crew Member for HPDE Cars ($325/day)
– Preparation prior to all sessions 
– Paddock Support
– Minor repairs – up to 1 hour (parts additional)
– All fluids (except fuel)

Assigned Engineer (Car and Driver Analysis) ($500/day):
– Data Download and Driver/Car recommendations after morning sessions (during track lunch break)
– Video and data analyzed and driver improvement report end of day 


Car will be transported in an enclosed trailer.
Mandatory Track Inspection Pre and Post Trip = $250
Mileage = $2.25 / mile


Race Prep Services 

Comprehensive Pre-Track Preparation  $450 Flat Fee        
Includes: complete checklist plus: bleed brakes, change oil (if required), check trans oil, check toe, ride height, camber, caster, corner weight, pressure wash, general cleanup, and up to 1 hour of labor/repair

Major Alignment and Cornerbalance   $450 Flat Fee
IncludesSet camber, caster, toe, bump steer, ride height, corner weight, & set shocks


Car Storage: We can store your car at our Lake Forest facility when you are not driving.
Indoor $450/month
Outdoor $350/month

Contact us for a Race consultation and allow us the opportunity to put together an unforgettable day at the track.   If you are interested, please contact us.

Terms and Conditons
1.  Accounts not paid within terms are subject to a 10% monthly finance charge.   
2. A 50% deposit is required prior to an event.  The deposit is non-refundable if there is a cancellations less than 10 days prior to the event.
3. Race Car Rentals require signed and completed rental agreement