Competition Alignments

Utilizing our racing background to bring race car performance to our customers daily drivers or track weekend cars is one of our specialties. By using cutting edge alignment equipment and extremely accurate laser alignment systems from Hunter Engineering we can get accurate alignments to whatever tolerances you require. Since we specialize in competition cars we have all the special tools needed to work on your Porsche or BMW race car. We can align your car to your own camber, caster, toe, and ride height specifications or we can set your car up based on on the specifications we have perfected over the years to dial in our own race cars. Every alignment we do is personalized to the drivers specifications, whether you want to change the characteristics of the car from understeer to oversteer or want to give us your latest tire temperature chart and let us adjust your camber using your data, we will do whatever it takes to get the most out of your car. We specialize in Porsche and BMW alignments but our experience makes us very versatile and we can work on any marque of car. Whether you’re looking for a complete competition setup or just need a 4 wheel alignment in the Orange County area, you can use the application at the bottom of this page to schedule an appointment whenever it is most convenient for you.

Corner Balancing | Corner Weighting

No competition car is really setup properly unless it has been corner balanced as well as aligned. We do this with the driver in the car (or a driver’s weight equivalent) ensuring that our setup is representative of how the car will be during competition. We use our precision Longacre scales to weigh the car while it is on our perfectly level alignment rack. This ensures that uneven surfaces are not giving us an inaccurate measurements. Achieving an accurate corner balance and alignment can be a tedious and time consuming process as each change in alignment changes the corner balance and visa versa. Our patience pays off and we think you’ll agree when you drive your car on track after a proper suspension setup including corner weighting and alignment from Lang Racing Development in Irvine.

We recommend that a car be corner balanced whenever weight has been significantly shifted around or removed from a competition car or after any alignment or suspension change. We encourage you to give us a call and get a personalized consultation on your needs. We maintain the most knowledgeable and detail oriented staff in Orange County to assure your corner balance is done perfectly. We aren’t satisfied until you are.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for help choosing the right competition suspension for your BMW or Porsche we have a huge selection of AST, HotBits, and Moton suspension kits available on our store and we can help you design the perfect setup for your needs.

Corner Balancing Scales